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SeaofSeas exhibitions

The next exhibition will be a in Israel-Tel-Aviv ,Jaffa  old port.

The show will be a permanent one,alongside the sea.

Just think of that,

walking by one Sea and see seas from all over the world beside you….

Isn’t it going to be amazing?

The London  Show  was a great success,visitors really liked the   project  idea.

People  were amazed from the great diversity of seas all over the world

I heard so many stories about Sea experience

It just open people hearth…

Thank You all for your contributing.

I was so busy with people ..that  i forgot to take photos…There were 5 LCDs and one big projector,all the videos run all time in all the  devices,one after the other in different orders,so in each screen another place in the globe was shown…

Good there will be a next time…

seaofseas showseaofseas show 3

“The Slade Research Center”,

Woburn Square, University College London.

Camden, London WC1H, UK

6th October 2009 to 16 October 2009.

Abstract  form the show

“SeaofSeas” Collaborative Global Art  Project

SeaofSeas is a global collaborative art  project . The installation contains one projector and  five LCD  positioned in a circle,in a semi dark room, simultaneously screening videos/audio selected from an internet  database, created by artists worldwide. The videos were taken during the last half year,from  different  sea shores, at different times, around the globe, presenting, Horizon line, sea and seashore. These short films straddle the line between public and private, thus proposing a meditation about how digital technology can enable art to evolve, and bring audiences and artists closer together.

SeaofSeas invites the viewers to consider how we encounter art, how we engage with philosophical and metaphysical conundrums, and above all how to achieve global  collaborative art through using a sea metaphor. Sea of Seas allows for a collective experience, yet offers itself as an island, a meeting point for artists and audiences from all over the world. Sea of Seas embodies a new way to contemplate not only location but also media and the new possibilities that technology opens up for both artists and audience. SeaofSeas posits self-reflexive questions about art production today , at the same time it is concerned with the creation of a global community of artists and viewers.

Orly Aviv