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SeaofSeas Entry Form

I wish to enter my work for the “SeaOfSeas” media project. I understand that “SeaOfSeas” project is intended to be an ongoing project which will be publish in different media at different time and venues. I am the sole owner of the work I will send to the “SeaofSeas”  project. I own all the rights to publish my work in any media, any time, anywhere in the world. Therefore, I can give my authorization to the “SeaOfSeas” project to show and publish my work in any media/venue/time. I understand that my work will be consider for different shows/ venues/time; it is possible that my work will be shown in all the shows/venues/time  or in none of them.

I am sending to “SeaofSeas”  Â a copy of my original work; in case of loss or damage of the work I will not ask any compensation from the “SeaofSeas” project.

I have read the conditions of the entry form of the “SeaOfSeas” project and I agree to be bound by them.

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“SeaofSeas”  led by: Orly Aviv

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