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Let us give you a brief explanation of the objectives and motives that ‘sea of seas’ is up to. Sea of seas is a collaborative art project where people all over the globe are requested to share their own sea experiences along with the corresponding video art of 2 minutes. Through this sea experience sharing, we look forward to gather people from all over the world at a single point that is us! There have been seen that many people wondering for informations before intention of paying visit to a place of interest. We have given priority to sea of different places compared to other places as sea shore is the only place where people from all the sectors and phases are likely to have a hike. And we also look forward to have a granary of informations regarding sea shores of different places in order to enable all the people in our web to view them.

This is the main reason behind our motive of gathering people all over the globe. Through the efficient web of people, we can build up a strong network that may be conducive for each individual in the crown web of sea of seas. Sea of seas is the information provider for each individual with qualitative details about seas of distant and different places in the whole world. Before paying a visitation, one might have to look into us for the purpose of getting some necessary information. But this calls for the submissions of detailed posts about the sea experience of individuals. Thus we encourage all the people all over the globe to contribute in this collaborative art project of gathering shares and posts consecutively!

The reason of combining people all over the globe was invented by Orly Aviv. He was thinking of taking some steps or measures that can hold all the people in the world in a single chain. Though all the people aren’t thought to be engaged in this web, but most of the travelers likely to have a visit to any other states or regions are thought to be a part of this project, for he took the help of sea and thought of this massive idea. The news to encourage people to share their posts about their sea experience is now spread among the world and is to be spread more. Thus we also encourage and your family to encourage many more people you know!

Through sea of seas, you can get a group of privileged informations about sea shores, the weather of the place you like to visit, the humidity condition, the lush trees and other environmental beauties, the residual and side beauties of the sea shore etc. However, these informations that you need are to be taken from the representative of the post submitter which one you like to pay a visit. So please share this information among the people and make your web stronger. If you think of it like a social medium, then we are not impairing your thought but encouraging. Get started people. Lets make our web stronger and cooler with info’s!!!