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Sea of seas is a website that is responsible for the involvement of people all over the world with a view to share sea experience from individuals. However, this massive idea was invented by Orly Aviv and is now presently being led also. The sea of seas asks people to join in the collaborative art project where people all over the world are requested to share their descriptive post about sea experience in their own region or any other they have paid a visit. This is kind of a social media where people of all spheres are asked to join, however, the reason behind is to encourage people to share their post about sea experience. However, the way people take this collaborative art project varies time to time and person to person subsequently. For such, the pros and cons have come to peoples concern which has played a significant role over the people’s behavior in such social media.

Pros: There are a number of pros for this social media-

  • As this is a joint venture of people all over the world, people are coming to know each other and international relationship has been prolonged and strengthened!
  • Sharing sea experience from individual enables the rest of the people in the web to see and get acknowledged about.
  • Paying visitation to any other countries sea shore helps the visiting countries economy a lot for the foreign sector incomes.
  • The visitor gets a group of qualitative information needed about the visiting country and gets separated from all the upcoming problems at the verge!
  • The additional video art attached with each post enables individual to have a visual thought of the place they are intending to visit. This helps in a great rate for people in taking a decision if they will certainly pay a visit or not to the place they had thought about.