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If you are in verge of knowing different sea experiences along with many other relevant terms, then you better have a broad overview at sea of seas. Sea of seas is the website where you’ll get a granary of knowledge about sea experiences and thoughts. The inventor is named Orly Aviv who had thought of this master plan of gathering people from different distinct places of the world. You can term the objective of this website as a collaborative art project where people of all spheres, who are adult obviously, are invited to join. This is like a social media having a huge web where there is no chain of command for individual.

Sea of seas is like a dictionary where you’ll get a bunch of knowledge about sea shores of different places of the world. But in order to enrich the term in this dictionary, it needs your help. You can help this thought by encouraging people to join this website and share your post in a descriptive form. We also encourage you to have your step into this web entrance to enrich the dictionary. There is a room for improvement in this sector by adding people in this website. As the number of people are involved, the more shares are available naturally in this social media and people present in this web gets enabled to see all the posts and get acknowledged about the rest of the sea shore places.

At present, there are about 50 clips that have been shared by people all over the world. Enriching this sea shore experiencing dictionary has been made easier for you people. At present, you can share your post anytime through Facebook. This has eased peoples stress and has lessened time. Also it has enabled more people to join this sea network. Besides, you can share your video art through YouTube which is also easier as there are lots of member involved in it already! But there are some limitations that are to be followed by individual. They may be stated in brief-

  • The video art that has to be attached with the post must not be more than 2 minute video.
  • The video must be a high resolution video without any sort of unnecessary capturing.
  • You must be adult, means must be over 18.
  • The description to submit must be in a conversational tone removed from any sort of garbage writings.
  • The post you are to share must be reader attractive and please remind to use relevant images if you feel to be necessary. This may catch the readers mind a first glance.

If you are in verge of finding some qualitative informations about sea experiences, then you might get some fresh and nourishing stories about sea experiences in sea of seas. Make people feel of your feeling. Make them attracted by your countries natural beauties. Make yourself proud in the face of your country! Get overall attraction through sea of seas!