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Are you in search for some fresh news about new feelings of people? Sometimes people find new stories written by people for their time pass and enchantment. This has greatly been seen in people who are old aged. But teenagers who are inquisitive about new stories are also likely to grab some of those new stories! Sea shore visitation is one of the most awesome times where a bunch of inner peace and feelings may be grasped. These stories are of no bound and are of endless feelings. However, sea of seas has been improvising people to write such notes on their sea visitation and share them in their website. There are many reasons for such project to hold-

  • To gather people in a single domain with less possible effort.
  • To form a collaborative art that will help people in order to get known to each other.
  • Establishment of stronger international relationship.
  • Uphold a country’s environmental and coastal beauties in the face of the earth.
  • A mass social media for the people who are tired of boredom and rebuild their thinking.

These points are reinforcing peoples thought of sharing their experiences of sea shores. Sea experience is really a great one for a person who have enjoyed up to the utmost limit. You can refer sea of seas as storage where people all over the world are enabled to share their descriptive posts along with a video art additive to their post which enables people all over the world to get acknowledged with different thoughts. Through sea of seas, a person can browse the best suitable and liked sea shores and get intended to pay a visitation finally.

This collaborative art project has nowadays improved people’s feelings and removed boredom from their mind in their leisure hours. Especially people who have already retired form their services, have their best options in this project and get some refreshing news on peoples thoughts. This project had been invented by Orly Aviv who is currently working on MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art – University College London.

At present, there are about 50 clips that are visible to all the members in sea of seas. The procedure of submitting a post is simple. You first have to make a quality description of your experience in your own words and must be in a conversational tone. Then you attach a high quality and resolution video art of 2 minutes with is. Then post the note through Facebook and the video through YouTube. The rest of it will be handled by us!  This project has been held in order to lessen distance between people in the whole world. Though it is not active that much at present but is thought to be of efficient service in our near future. Who knows if sea of seas will be the best social media connecting people here and there? So get connected people, get privileged and make the best use of your imagination through sea of seas!