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You might think that what will be the advantages of sea of seas where there are nothing but a group of sea experiences posts shared by different people from the distinct places of the world. Well, there are so many that you could have never imagined of. Before getting the idea of the advantages served by sea of seas, you better be acknowledged with the major objective of the sea of seas in brief!

Sea of seas is like a social community forum of place where people from all spheres are invited to post their sea experience in a descriptive form along with a short video art. This is termed as like a collaborative art project where people are making handshakes online with a regard of visiting sea shores of other countries! This is a great advantage offered by sea of seas. It takes nothing but a good descriptive post and a good quality-high resolution video art to attract a person out of the share posted country. This procedure is a very simple one. However, there are also some other advantages that sea of seas offer indirectly.

Through the help of sea of seas, you are able to make a person abroad attracted to the sea shore of your country. If he pays a visit t your country, then you have a visitor from foreign in your country which is of tremendous great news. You are the person helping in your countries economy enhancement. Thus, the total income from the foreign sector increases for the ruling government.  This is a major advantage of the usage of sea of seas.

Through the usage of sea of seas before paying a visitation to the sea shore of other country, you get the opportunity to see all the information related to the cost of different sectors like travelling, accommodation, transport, park charges, meal rates and others. This is one of the major advantages provided by the usage of seas of seas. However, some of the people posts this information along with their description but most of them does not, as it is all about the sea experience. But this additional information can let you estimate the overall expenditure during the time of paying such visitation for a certain time frame.

This collaborative art project is invented by Orly Aviv. However, there are some precautions to maintain a good post. There must be no unnecessary things like stone, trees, snails etc. in the videos. The only shoot must be made with the sea shore and the tides with a high resolution. This is a good advantage for a person to get the look of the sea tides and the shores not the additive beauties of nature in at the sea sight. Moreover, the prerequisite is that the post submitter must be adult that is over the age of 18. This boundary os to be followed strictly in order so that people in general services can get acknowledged with this mass social future media!