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Sea of seas is like a social community forum where people all over the world are expected to share their sea experiences in their individual worlds and expressions. This is a mass thought that can turn out in many advantages and necessities. This thought is invented by Orly Aviv. He just thought of keeping the distance of the people in the world short and strong. Through the usage of sea of seas, many people have already come forward with a view to express the need of more additional informations.

Sea of seas has been propagating simply and is making many more addition to this collaborative art project of gathering people from distinct places of the world. Through the usage of sea of seas, the basic thing that happens to the website visitor is to have a preliminary feeling of visiting a good sea shore where there will be cool breezes winds, drizzles time to time, sunlight between the drizzle drops, the lush trees everywhere aside the sea shore, the gigantic tides and their sounds etc. These thoughts are really of great feeling and are massive if you get a physical visit to such a place. To express these feelings of a person, words aren’t enough for sea of seas has performed the addition of a video art attached to each post.

With a high resolution 2 minute video a person can get a bit quite impressively acknowledged with the sea shore he wants to know more about. If he likes the overall sea shore in the video, he might want to pay a visit. This in turn helps a countries economy at large stakes if the number of attracted visitrs is high enough. This necessitates some many more posts by different people of the same region in order to attract many more people from the distinct places of the world.

Moreover, sea of seas has gathered people and made them in touch. Now a day, a person can share his feelings online and other can get his/her feelings thought initially. This has a great impact on the relation establishment between the people of different countries in the world. Thus international friendly hood gets affected greatly from good point of view. This is a really strong manner of making good bonds between two states.

The sea shores experiences are also like stories for old aged people. They like to pass their leisure times walking at sea shores and get some fresh air in the sea site. Sometimes, they are also interested in writings and post their writings in sea of seas. Through his behaviors, many other may get obsessed and get this major information to pass their leisure times and seeing peoples posts all over the world. But before initialization with sea of seas, there are some certain requirements that sea of seas requires. Moreover, the posts to be submitted has o be acknowledged and approved through this mass idea innovator. For all such respects, sea of seas is a very necessary measure of attracting people into your country directly or indirectly!