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Online web can be regarded as the best place for getting each and every need fulfilled of a human being. Now a day, feeling and expressions of new different things are not also apart from this sector for there have been formed different measures and methods to do such solutions. Now a day, many social  websites have been propagating people towards their feelings and experience sharing in order to let people get acknowledged with many new thoughts and facts. Sea of seas has been one of those effective but indirect social communication media where thousands of people in the whole world are invited to get involvement through their sea experiences.

Through sea of seas, you’ll be able to have a new feeling of somewhere other place of sea in many distinct places in the world. Not all the sea shores in the world are undergoing the same nature, climate and other determinant factors but they are different from each to other in terms and situations. For such, new feelings are born that enriches human mind and refreshes a person’s feelings. Sea of seas is formed to ejaculate a project called to be of collaborative art. This project is invented and molded with the collaboration of each people in the world. Like- a person shares his post and expresses his feelings and thoughts about the sea shore that he had visited. Any other person from any other area thought of visiting the same sea shore in order to get the feeling that this guy had. In such cases, he the first guy can also advice the different methods of getting served and also ways of solution to many problems like transportation, accommodation, travelling etc. for such, the project has turned out to be termed as a collaborative art.

There is an additional term that can affect your feelings through sea of seas and that is the video art that is to be submitted by the person sharing the post. The addition of a 2 minute high resolution video of the sea shore visited by one to the post of a great feeling expression can be of great help for any other person to get affected and pay a visit also. Through the help of the video art, a person can get a quick visual thought and see if there is any problem that can relate to him.

Sea of seas has already achieved about 50 clips from people all around the world. We are also expressing to have many more ideas and shares from people in different countries in order to enrich our granary of information for you. You can get a good amount of knowledge through us. All the informations are to be submitted by the post submitter in order to get other peoples acknowledged with all the terms related to the methods of visiting the sea shores. Get privileged through us, get new feelings and think of it if you may give a physical visit in any leisure vacations of yours!