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If you are intending to pay a visit to a sea shore that is of tremendous environment, then you might need some important information regarding the sea shore you want to visit; like- environment, weather and temperature, humidity, transportation etc. If you are looking for such informations, then sea of seas is the best medium that can provide you with the quality and informative details. We are sea of seas where we are collecting all your sea experiences of people all over the world. Though you are thinking of what is the use of such process!

Actually we have enabled people all over the world to post and share their sea experiences along with their video art in a descriptive form. We have termed this project as a collaborative art where people all over the world are posting their sea experiences with colors and dazzles. We have encouraged people to write their posts in a catchy form that attracts the reader in their first verge. We have already about 50 shares along their corresponding video art. However, in order to make your share approved you need to contact at the mail address. This person is Orly Aviv who is the innovator of this collaborative art project. You may think that this idea if nothing but waste but when you’ll be of good age, then you’ll get nothing to pass your leisure hours and will need some fresh moments to pass with refreshing environments and atmosphere. Then you’ll certainly search for a good sea shore place where you can find your utmost satisfaction.

The posts to share and videos to upload have been simplified for the ease of people all over the world trough Facebook and YouTube. Once you get approved for your post and video art. You are enabled to submit your application in those medium and afterwards we’ll take it over to publish in our website where people all over the world are keeping their eyes for some fresh news and posts.

You’ll get informations about all you want. Sea of seas may be regarded also as a communication via where you can ask any questions you have about any specific sea shore. The submitter of the corresponding post will get buzzed through your question and you may be helped from his/her suggestions. This is a great opportunity to pay a visit to any other countryside with superlative informations necessary to keep in mind during the visit.

The main question to answer in your post we admire is about the sea from the point of your view. Afterwards, it is up to you how you catch attention of others through your writing. We also highly encourage you people to have a high resolution video of the sea shore and tides if possible. We do not recommend you to include any other objects in the video like the sea shore building and hotels aside but the sea water mainly. Get your posts viewers attracted through the sea shore you got on your side. Make them feel of what you’ve felt!