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Let you get introduced with the objectives of sea of seas in brief but effectively. Sea of seas is the medium looking forward to establish a project that is based upon the collaborative art from the people all over the world. People all over the world experiencing sea shores feelings are prescribed to upload their share with their emotions in a written descriptive form. Also a precise video art is expected from each personnel submitting their shares about sea experience. This is because of letting people all over the world get acknowledged with the sea experiences that a person felt in the time. If they like the moment seeing visually in their monitor screen, they may like to pay a visit to the sea shore they like. The innovator of this mass plan is named Orly Aviv. However, he has tried to establish a friendly hood in countries through seas and the tides. This idea is really a unique one! Who knows that you’d like to have a visit to a charming sea shore?

Now days, you submission procedure has been made very easier so that you can be in contact feasibly. At present, you are enabled to share your posts through Facebook as we have brought an eagle eye into it. We will get it from Facebook as you have uploaded your description. However, we highly encourage making your description in a palatable form. The flavors and dazzles you embed in the description, the better your post will be. Ultimately, we are prescribing you to make your writing in a style that engages readers mind in its first sentence. Then a 2 min of high resolution video art is expected from every personnel along with their post. To make the video precise apart from all the dust and tangles is encouraged to you people. If you have made one and are up to upload the video, then we are prescribing you to use YouTube as a uploading medium. You have to rename the file name in “SeaofSeas”. After you have uploaded your video, you are to tag your post along with it so that we can identify the correct post and video in a pair. If you have your video ready, then you also have to sign your video art from the innovator Orly Aviv. To make the entry correct, you have to contact to the email address. After he permits the video to be correct, then your post will be visible to the people all over the world. You do not need to make your video concluding the rest of the object like buildings aside, stones and other snails and etc.

In your post, you better concentrate on the question- “what is sea from your opinion and what you have felt?” after concentrating this question, make your own description in your own words. Try to make in the form of a short essay with fruits and flavors that catch the readers mind at its first strike! Make your expression better and uniform!