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Have you ever been to a sea shore in your leisure times? If you have gone so, you must have been through a refreshing mind and peace situation. Sea shore is one of the best places to hike around with friends and families in case of vacations. However, ORLY AVIV is the person to innovate the idea of sharing you peoples sea experience in order to let people all over the world aware of the feelings that you had surpassed. This is like a collaborative art that is represented in front of you. You may have a broad view of what we are up to and provide people with some informative knowledge about seas of the distinct places of the world. Our URL is simply- Here you’d be able to see some informative site location and shares posted by different regional people.

We have enabled people all over the world to share their individual sea experiences that will help other people to make a decision if they will pay a visit to the corresponding sea shore that they had seen in sea of seas! This in turn may aid to the visiting countries economy. However, our main goal is not to enrich a countries economical granary but to share posts of sea experiences and make people feel of the best feelings at sea shore. There is an additional incentive offered by sea of seas and that is the video art requested to people to share along with their descriptive posts. This is a very privileged option that makes a person to get acknowledged with the sea shore visually to some extent.

Not always the atmospheric conditions are the same at a single sea shore but there are variations throughout the whole year. Sometimes there are cold breezes with some dazzling sunlight effect. Sometimes the dusk brightens with the glow or bright red sunlight. The segregated clouds in the sky aid the beauty of the shore at times.  All these additional atmospheric conditions make a person feel different experiences.

Through sea of seas, you’ll be able to get a good knowledge about sea shores in the whole world. However, you’ll be also able to have a look into the video art provided by the people around the world. The main reason behind the project of sea of seas called a collaborative art is because of the joined venture of the people all over the world.  The postings and video shares have been simplified in order to get easy access of people all around the world. Through sea of seas, you can also post your experiences in a descriptive form with some palatable flavors through Facebook. Facebook is at present the best and easy communication medium where almost all the adult people are involved. Moreover as for the videos, YouTube is the medium that you can use. There is a wide number of people watching thousands of videos from YouTube. Then why not sea of sea’s sea shores videos? Get in touch as soon as possible. get people from your experiences and make people feel about your feelings!