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Now a day, story writing have been seen in different sorts of people in the present world. Though the world has developed much in technology, some of those modern people are likely to write about their feelings and stories for their storage of writings. If you are in search for some exciting travelling stories and news, then sea of seas may be one of the best efficient ones providing you people with great travelling stories about sea experiences. The project of the sea of seas is known as a collaborative art project where people all over the world are requested to share their sea experiences. This massive idea of tuning people closer is invented by respected Orly Aviv.

The main theme of this collaborative art project lies in the shares of people all over the world who had a great experience of natural beauties and the rest of the factors affecting their feelings at the sea sight. Not all the sea-shores in the world have the same factors like temperature, humidity, sky color, gloomy weather, temperature and many others. For such reason, there have been seen different weather conditions enhancing the general beauties of the sea shore sight with different colorful means and outlooks. We have accompanied this project to form an aesthetic show of sea experiences for the reason of letting people know about different conditions of the sea shores that attracts peoples mind.

Sometimes people are fond of sea stories also. Like to look of the sea shore sands, stormy weather at sea sides, the colorful skies at the time of dawn and dusk, the beautiful sound of sea tides etc. These stories are also very impressive for the people who love such stories full of fruits in sense and dazzles. However, sea of seas is providing people with the opportunity of recognizing many sea sights of the whole world. A person can browse many sea shores and their lively experience in our website

The best attractive part additional to the shares provided by the people about sea experience is the video art attached by each of the posts by people. This enables a viewer to get a practical thought of the sea shore. However, we have many video clips of different sea shores of the world at present and you might want to look at any of them to get familiarized with what we are up to. Video art that you should provide must be of greater video quality and covering all the beauties associated with the sea shore and the tides. Such beauties are offered by sea of seas. You are the person who can enrich this gallery of sea experience through sharing your experience at your neighboring sea shore and let people know about your stories. Who knows, many people are waiting for your post and get started to pay a visitation to your country to feel what you had felt! This is really an astonishing fact that draws concerns of foreign people!