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Paying a visitation to wonderful places has been selected as a common habit to many peoples. There are thousands of visiting spots where a person feels refreshing and sea shore is one of the best places where a person can get utmost refreshment and mind peace. The sea shore tides sound and the overall beauty can take a person’s mind away to the dreams imaginarily. In this regard, we have showed up with a thinking of setting up a granary of sea experiences posts. Through this process we have enforced people to submit their sea experiences with the best possible posts. However, our project is like a collaborative art. The reason behind this project o call such is that, we have enabled people to post their individual shares and experiences from all over the world and made it like a web. Through this web any person can have any information about any of the post and ask any sort of questions if he have one to the post sharing person. Through this a collaborative relationship establishes and the viewers get the best information provided by the person himself!

Orly aviv is the inventor of this project idea. However, we are also encouraging you people to provide your posts along with your video art of your respective sea shores experiences in order o let people let people know about your sea experiences practically. If you are a visitor at sea of seas, then you’ll be able to have a god amount of information on different sea shores in the world. This lets you to get a good amount of information before you pay a visit to any of them. This is really conducive as it lets people know about the pros and cons about the site according to the visitors requirement of travelling.

Some of the people like moist weather or some of them like it dry. Sometimes people like sea shores at dawn and some at dusk. Regarding all those facts, you can choose the best possible sea shore in the world to pay a visitation. We have also enabled you people to post your shares through Facebook and your video art through YouTube. Through this process, the overall procedure is really easy and known to most of the people in the present day. Through increasing our experience granary in the sea shore sector, you let people all over the world to get acknowledged about your countries sea experience. If you can represent your sea experience in an imaginative way or like a dream come true- you may also invite persons to pay a visit at your countryside. This is a great relationship establishing procedure among many of the countries. Though the process of posting sea experiences sharing seems a little bit in importance, but it has a larger effect on people all over the world that in turn helps a countries economy at great scale. Make people known about your sea experiences though us, SEA OF SEAS!