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There are many people who like to browse in different websites for the observation of natural beauty and environment. Some passes their leisure hours in this sector. However, there are thousands of places where natural beauty may be seen like hilly tracts, sea shore, caves, lush treed forest and many others also. Among thousands of such places, we have enforced on the visitation at sea shores or preliminarily seas! Sea is a place where you’ll get your utmost refreshment for sure as naturally, there blows cool wind with sometimes drizzles and sunrays of like dim light. We are sea of seas enhancing like a collaborative art, a project where we are gathering thousands of shares of sea experiences of the people all over the world. At present we have over 50 shares and are looking forward to have some more!

If you think sea of seas as a blog, then you’ll not get denied but to make the best usage of our purpose is what we expect from you! Please share your sea experiences with the best writing possible story that you had felt in during your sea experience. We expect a good and a big one from you and then we will post this into our network where people all over the world will be enabled to watch your post and imagine their self feeling. Moreover, we also encourage you to provide a video art related to your sea experience in order that the person having a look into your post may get a practical thought of your feeling.

What we expect from you is a group of information related to the place of visitation. Then we would like to have a good number of photos among which the best one is to be selected for the visualization of the rest of the viewers. Thirdly a good video art is highly encouraged to all you people to submit as this can largely help a person to have a quick thought of about your feelings at your respected sea shore. For such we have enforced this project to be a collaborative art where people all over the world are enabled to share their individual sea experiences along with their respective videos.

If you want to share your sea experiences with the rest of the world people who are interested to read such posts, then you are at the right place. We are sea of seas with the website In the website, you’ll be able to see some of the video arts and the posts posted by different people at different countries. Please have a look into them and feel what those people felt. Through this process, you also represent the natural beauty of your country which is a very impressive behavior from a person abided by its society! So dear friend, do not waste time and increase our granary more and more! You represent your countries natural beauty here and you can also help your country in economic sectors through inviting some foreigners in your country effectively!