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Do you know what the main objective of sea-of seas is? Well, preliminarily it is to gather people from distinct places of the world in a sense. In other sense, it is the collaborative art project which is trying to gather some detailed information about people’s sea experiences all over the world. Now you may wonder how the process of sharing sea experience can serve the country as well! But certainly it serves this proposal.

The URL for sea of seas is If you have some leisure time, you better check out the motive of the project and get some information about it. We have proposed to gather the sea experiences of different people in the world and asked additionally for attached video art along with their sea experience notes. But there is a strong prerequisite that we ask for and that is the submitter of the sea experience must be aged 18+. Otherwise, the submission may not be accepted and reported as a spam.

Different places of the world possess different flavors in their sea shore environments. The environmental beauty of a sea shore changes according to the daylight time. Sometimes a group of clouds adds extra flavor in the beauty. Sunset and sunrise at sea verge is a tremendous sight that a person craves to look. Drizzles sometimes cherish the inner peace of a person. Not just these but there are hundreds of moments that can be passed in sea shore and aside places.

You can have any of these sorts of experiences yourself at your own countries sea side spot and then make an attractive note for yourself. Nourish your writing with extra and true flavors that takes the mind of the reader. This is what we desire. It is something like; you attract a readers mind to the extent when the reader practically intends to pay a visit to the place where you have been! This is where your country gets served through getting a foreigner in your country. You get a foreigner in your country and the foreigner gets himself employed in expensing money for his life living. However, sea experiences indirectly serve country’s economy in such way.

At present, there have been posted about 50 video arts from people all over the world. They are mixed with different flavors and colors of nature. Please have a check at any for your evaluation. If you like any, you can obviously pay a visit to the respective country. However, we have enabled your entrance to be easy and made you put some comments on individual experiences. Through this, you can also ask any questions you have like a communication via. So please people, share your sea experience, let people know about your experiences and make them feel what you’ve felt most! This is the best offline way to attract a person from any point of the world!