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The title seems so much confusing, isn’t it? Well, you better know about all these if you want to serve your country well. You’ve been to a sea shore aside, didn’t you? Then obviously you must have an experience in that place which was full of nourishing breezes and environmental beauties. However, we are forcing in this phase for you to share your sea experiences in order to let people see about your thoughts and feel your feelings. This may result is a widespread web that will help you in many efficient ways. We are sea-of seas providing a collaborative art project through the sea experiences of yours all over the world.

There are hundreds of sea beaches in the world but not all of them are same. They differ due to many facts like geographical positions, environmental situations, weather conditions with humidity, temperature, color of the sea water, tides nature, calamities etc. We thought of you people to come closer along with all your sea experiences as many of the world’s tourists are finding for a better sea shore place to hike around and spend some precious time. We have enforced on the video art, which is the process and art of capturing your sea experience in a time frame!

You must be thinking of how this can help in the country’s economy. Well the explanation is simple and may be detailed brief. We are sea-of seas providing you with the opportunity to submit your sea experience as a note with a video art of your experience. Afterwards, once you’ve submitted your thoughts about seas, we will post them to our page where people all over the world are subscribed to see them. They will review your art and get some offline experience. If they like your expression of sea experience, they may go practically for your country and have the same experience you have had! This is how you can help your country’s economy! Moreover, a friendly relationship can be established quite precisely if you also pay a visit to their countries sea-shore. This is the main reason why the project is referred to as collaborative art.

People from all over the world are experiencing new feelings and thought through a precise visitation at new sea places. Moreover, the quality of writing also enhances to express the feelings of a person more inquisitively. The mixture of these qualities can result in an efficient portfolio to submit at our storage. We will just spread your news in the eyesight of people all over the world. Moreover, you can also share your opinions and ask questions through this process. You can provide your suggestions and your thoughts in no time and quite impressively. In other sense, people call it like a connectivity medium. Well, we are not depressed to that statement but are happy.  Make the best usage of our collaborative art through your imagination ad experiences and make the people all over the world happy. Make them feel about your feelings! Your economy will get helped by itself!