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Nature is one of the best aspects in which a person’s mind can get refreshed. With the soothing breeze of wind and sunny light, p person can get the feeling of being free. Anyway, there are certain times that a person likes in a 24 hour day. Some of them like the dawn, some of them dusk. Some of the people like spending time in a park; some of them like to go for driving. Ultimately, there are thousands or spots where a person likes to spend some precious time passing refreshing leisure hours. Among thousands of those spots, sea may be regarded as the best for many persons.

Sea is a place where freshest air may be observed with a great feeling. Moreover, the place is a very romantic one also where thousands of people pass their romantic moments walking hand by hand.  With a view to share these sorts of purposes in order to take you nearer to such places, we have started with a procedure regarding sea of seas. Here we have tried to decrease your distance with between you and your imagination. You’ll certainly observe collaborative art in our website for there have been different reigned people sharing their thoughts and reviews. This is for the increment of the experience sharing in our website where thousands of people are involved throughout the whole world! Moreover, our additional motto is to keep the relationship of the artist and the sculpture like a chain bond which is not meant to be broken. Shares and other sea experiences can make your distance towards them quite shorter and you can feel your own thought anytime.

There have been observed and efficient collaborative art in people throughout the whole world. Peoples are sharing their reviews and thoughts about their own nearer sea experiences and also are sharing photos through Facebook and videos via YouTube. These methods have been so much popular and very much fascinating that people are getting affected to it like a story book!

You’ll certainly observe the collaborative art once you log into the website There have been granaries of sea photos so far worth lot of experiences from different parts of our globe. Some of the people asked to get an experience of sea shore at the dawn, some at dusk. Some people shared their reviews about the big fishing ships and their natural beauty. All of these experiences are to take you closer to your imagination of the sea shore though you haven’t got any physically.

If you also regard this place as a photography exhibition, then it is not that incorrect in such point of view. The main purpose of the sea photographs, asked to share from people is to have a good store of experienced sea photographs. Through such, people of all spheres can get the imagination first of different sea views and get themselves towards, at suitable time. Let us show you an example-

“I started walking through the dry sands at the dawn with my wife. We walked hand to hand towards the shore. The sun was prying and the skies tried to help the sun. The sound of the sea waves took our mind into deep water. The snails were crawling for their purpose. The sea beauty helped this romantic event like no time in future.”- This sort of story is like a helping agent to get you into your imagination. Certainly, would you be able to help yourself not getting such typed story to have for yourself one? Certainly not!

We highly recommend you to share your sea experiences along with your best picked photos or even videos! There are thousands of people may be waiting for your response and the best moment you have passed in your respective sea, so that they can also get the feel what you’ve felt. Moreover, the natural beauty is increasing if you motivate towards it showing people. Share your reviews and opinions with all your imagination and all you’ve got in order to spread your feeling all over the world. We regard such types feeling as ZEN experience.  So try to enhance your ZEN experience, get the best out of it and please do not forget to share your shares here. Make people aware of what you’ve felt, MAKE THEM FEEL YOUR FEELING THROUGH YOUR WORDS!