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SeaofSeas Globe Project

I am a Media Artist currently working on my MFA at the Slade School of Fine Art – University College London. During the last year I experimented in the video art field. Through my works I seek a way to deliver a deeper ,closer experience of observing, one where both  artist and observer reflect and are being reflected, a meeting place between nature and self capable of reproducing a deeper, so-called-Zen experience. I aim towards a raw kind of experience  an infra-structure so to speak which we all share and invites a wide spectrum of interpretation, involvement, understanding, etc. .

Conceptualizing the affect I tried to produce with my work – I took this experience one step ahead asking myself, what happens when – and if at all- the experience becomes a collaborative artwork? I thereby developed my research study, entitled “SeaofSeas“, a collaborative video art work in which artists from all over the world are invited to share their Sea experience. In my project, I am interested in videos capturing the sea. I provide very few guidelines: ask for simple frame (similar to video painting, a genre I only recently became acquainted with). I invite the participates to share their thoughts at FaceBook account and upload their work to YouTube (SeaofSeas), which currently serves as a video libery of the project .

I am excited about the willingness and collaboration of participants from all over the world . I intend to continue this project and further explore the connection between digital technology, collaborative art work and the sea. I am committed to experiment in both theory (research) and practice (artworks) the inter-relations and the future of collaborative video art work in the digital world.